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7. November 2007

Countries I have visited

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Happened to find a website while scanning the latest blog entries of the Opera Community. The website allows people to create a map showing places they’ve been to. If you would like to have one, just visit VISITED COUNTRIES and follow the instructions, then you will have an HTML code to paste into your entry.

– 6/1998: my first time abroad and the destination was Singapore. I was chosen for a training course on teaching Environmental Law at the university level, sponsored by UNEP and ADB.

– 9/1998: my first time to Europe in a lecturer exchange program between our university and Lund University, South of Sweden.

– 4/1999: back to Sweden for a training course on Environmental Impact Assessment, sponsored by Sida. This time I was in the capital of Stockholm – the most beautiful and peaceful city in my opinion.

– 9/1999: the longest stay away from home for my LLM Degree. The host institution is Groningen University, North of the Netherlands.

– late 9/1999: visited my brother-in-law in Aachen, Germany and joined him in a tour around Germany with the group weekend ticket.

– 12/1999: my first Xmas and New Year abroad. I joined the English people to welcome the first year of the new millennium.

– 01/2000: participated in a training course on International Security in Trento, Italy. It was the first time I’ve ever seen how people ski, both downhill and cross-country.

– 3/2000: visited my friend in Brussels, and her family in Paris. I once saw Thúy Nga, who owns Thúy Nga Productions, in the 13me arrondissement de Paris.

– 4/2000: participated in a training course on International and Environmental Security in St. Petersburg, Russia; then visited my dad in Moscow.

– 11/2001: chosen an interpretor for the delegation of senior lecturers of our university and Hanoi Law University to visit Lund University. We also had a short visit to Copenhagen, Denmark.

– 12/2001: a quick budget tour in Bangkok, Thailand after the above mission.

– 09/2005: first time away from Đan Quỳnh I spent 9 months in the US and traveled to many interesting places, including New York city, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Tampa (Florida), Denver (Colorado), Houston (Texas),…

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Thursday March 22, 2007 – 03:28pm (ICT) 




Wow…Amazing! You have been to so many countries! So lucky you are! Keep moving! ^_^

Thursday March 22, 2007 – 03:37pm (ICT)


Happy traveller!

Thursday March 22, 2007 – 06:03pm (ICT)


hmm hmm, 1 word: admire

Monday May 14, 2007 – 10:38am (JST) 

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